Payday gameboard

Making your games better since 2007. The reason payday gameboard seems so daunting is that you must make a long string of consecutive match after match before a fruit gem is spawned. With some careful work you can set your game up now so it’s ready to spit out fruit gems during next week’s challenge. Share this guide with anyone who needs help by giving them this address: badgehungry.

There is ALWAYS at least one 3-match available for every move. Please remember to take your time and look for those matches. This process is only a few clicks play payday board game gameboard takes just a few seconds. I already knew all this but am still VERY IMPRESSED. I finally figured it out and obviously its going to be a bit of time to do it but if you go slow it can be done. I was able to get a fruit without a single bomb.

If you don’t see any matches, sit back and relax. I have a friend who never got them before and she got 10 in one game. I just want to say thank you for showing us this technique.

My best tip is to follow the photo tutorial, and if you can not see a match wait for the hint to show you. I love Bejewelled Blitz on Face Book and was really hoping that it would be the same on Pogo. The tips from the Letters to the Editor section did not help me.

I hope they change it too because i tried several times and could not get pass x2. I have been playing this game 6 hours and can’t get it. 7 in a row, I get up to 2 or 3 on the meter then it goes back to 1, I was up no faxing low rates payday loan gameboard level 5 had 3 on the meter then level 6 it was 1 ? The upcoming challenge is just to create the fruit gem, not match it to other gems. It is really the most difficult getting to the first fruit.

I finally made a fruit gem! Thanks Moms for asking for the get $200 payday loan low income gameboard and thanks Lura for posting all the help for the badge. Big Kudos to CAbreeze and Tom and everyone else who posted here. I am going to try again! Don’t give up, you guys can do it also.

Kudos to CAbreeze and Tom for the great step by step instructions on how to set up for fruit! I wasn’t even going to do the badge. Thank you so much CAbreeze for taking the time to make this guide, it is invaluable and I am very grateful. I too want to thank CAbreeze and Tom for their great instructions on playing Bejeweled Twist.

I finally got the hang of it but noticed that my fruit get $200 payday loan low income gameboard keep going up and down. Just wait, Pogo will change requirements needed. Thanks to previous posts, I’ve finally been able to do this. I started a new game ad at level 5 with a 9x’s, so I am leaving it that way till the badge comes out.

I have been practicing this since yesterday . Now at least I stand a chance, lol! A section of this fantastic site. If you are successful, a trail of light will drop a fruit gem somewhere on the board.