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Added open pawns csv file option to the web upload reporting tool. Updated the scanner and webcam capture tools which solves problems with newer camera models and properly handles multiple webcams connected to the same computer. Added option to remove customer address from appearing on tickets. Customer history now only displays notes from open pawns or purchases on hold. Your Loan, Your Business We recognize a personal loan is a private matter. Fixed issue with transaction list where description might be clipped.

Changed the method used to calculate Indiana late fees per examiner request. Added three required questions to Colorado A5 buy ticket. Instant no fax no teletrack play payday board game loans Ohio notices to include notice letter fees. Added a feature required by Puerto Rico law to stop charging fees when a loan has been extended 15 months. Fixed issue with New Mexico pawn form, added Live Help button that will open our live chat system in your browser, updated gold price calculator with new look. Added item numbers and fixed problem with the buy ticket on the custom Kentucky half sheet form for Shady Ray’s.

Updated noticing system adds new features including check advance and layaway notices and delivery via email. Added support for Louisiana Deferred Presentment using plain paper or the Burrell 13-1809 form. Internet ad and internet search now appear on advertising results on the marketing analysis report. Added employee to Leads Online police reporting, fixed problem with printing new copy of Utah payday loan contract when extending. Fixed problems with Indiana and Florida redemption discounts required by state law.

Added purchase hold period for firearms, be sure to set the number of days on the setup menu under legal settings as soon as instant no fax no get $200 payday loan low income payday loans update to this version. Added red, green and purple to gun finish options. Improved report layout and added new columns for storage location and layaway customer. Added gun barrel length to gun entry. Added computer name to logged in employee information. Updated Arizona renewal terms and conditions.

Added new feature on customer editor to scan their information from the 2D barcode on the rear of their driver’s license using a standard barcode reader. Added Ontario payday loan activity report. Changes to Washington Street Pawnbrokers custom pawn form. Added additional setup options for Maryland, added additional clause to Ontario payday loan contract. Fixed minor problem with calculation of gross income from check advance and check cashing transactions. The next scheduled payment and amount on the receipt also now shows the next payment get $200 payday loan low income no fax no teletrack payday loans after today’s date instead of the previously scheduled payment date that may have already passed.

Fixed issues with retrieving gold and silver prices from Kitco. Additional revisions requested by Clay County, FL police for daily data upload. Fixed issue when voiding a Georgia redemption done when the loan qualified for discounted fees would not restore the original fee amounts. This website is not an offer to lend. Be over 18 years of age.

Fixed bug instant no fax no get $200 payday loan low income payday loans zone sales analysis report. Reduced the page size of the daily cash report to solve issues with some Canon printers. You will also need to update to version 3. Added support for the Arkansas 10-0407 Burrell form. Fixed issues with various label sizes that weren’t supported properly in the bad debt system, label on demand mode purchases and vendor batches.

Improved the photo on file indicator on the photo manager. Number of form copies can now be set to zero so you can turn off form printing of specific forms. Updated Maryland police form with latest version plus added a portrait option which supports more items per page. Made requested change to the Indiana plain paper pawn form. Added support for PAMET style police reporting, added required clause to Alabama PDL form, added new audit style outstanding pawns report, fixed issues on various Burrell forms including proper date on Virginia forms, fixed issue with any state buy ticket total not printing correctly, fixed problem with principal payments in multi-drawer manager.